Stay Safe While Traveling

Stay Safe While Traveling

It is always important to know how to keep yourself safe especially when you are traveling. Whether you are traveling by yourself, or with someone, you should know how to protect your assets. You need to know how to keep yourself safe when you are traveling. You should always have someone with you when traveling. If you are traveling alone tell someone where you will be even if you know you will be in a crowd of people. Learn all you can about the area so you have plans to go to certain places. You can use common sense to figure out how to keep yourself safe when you are on vacation. One thing you must remember especially if you are traveling alone is not to let your guard down. If you are drinking be careful not to get into a situation where you get out of control because that is how people get taken advantage of.

You should always be wary of strangers in different parts of the world. It is to make friends, but just keep your radar up in case they mean you harm. If someone is being overly friendly you should be extremely cautious. There are often times when people will distract you by being friendly. Stranger danger sometimes gets put on the back burner when you are on vacation. Make sure you know the culture of the area to make sure that you don’t offend anyone without meaning to. Dress in a way that does not flag you as a tourist. Wear demure clothing and you should blend in, sunglasses and a giant hat scream tourist so just don’t go there.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t flash expensive jewelry or anything while you are walking around to avoid being targeted. You also should be careful with your money keeping it in more than one place in case someone robs you. Keep your wallet in the front pocket of your pants is easy to keep it with you. You may want to use traveler’s checks which are easier to replace instead of cash or credit cards. If you do have your credit cards or cash with you put it in your sock or the inside of your shirt. Having a purse is just too tempting to passersby. Make sure you keep yourself safe when you are in your hotel. Don’t let your valuables lay around the hotel, because you can’t trust everyone even the people working in the hotel. Don’t leave your door unlocked and open where people can get in easily. You need to remember that letting your guard down at any point can leave you open for danger. Y can still have a good time and stay safe.

It is always a great idea to know someone in your travel destination. Local people make you aware of the safety tips, they show you beautiful places in their cities and they tell you how to minimize your costs. If you have a little extra space in your luggage, post your trip and make some friends in your travel destination and get rewards, visit []. TripCarry is a new, innovative concept that every person loves it.

Traveling Alone Or With Friends

Traveling Alone Or With Friends?

Should I go alone? Wouldn’t it be great if a friend joined me? For anyone preparing a trip, especially those first couple of ones, that’s one of the biggest and most asked questions. It’s hard to choose and hard to decide. The reason for that is that there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages into both. But still, there is no one better or worse way, traveling alone and with friends are just two completely different experiences. So different that it’s impossible to compare.

I mostly travel alone for a reason. Going to see the world by yourself is, in the end, a quest for your inner self, it’s, in other words, an odyssey. It’s a very powerful, inspiring and unique way to find your best self and take the best of you out. It’s a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions and, for sure, it means experiences you’ll never forget.

Being alone around the world is an experience more about learning, of opening yourself and of growing up. When alone you command your times and you choose when and where to do something – you are in full control.

And, in the end, you are never alone. At least not as long as you are willing to open up. In fact, if you are not a closed kind of person, you’ll end up meeting more people when traveling by yourself than when with one or many friends. I met people at hostels, inside the trains, while stopping at cafés and even in the plazas. When you are traveling you always have one amazing story to tell, so make sure you do it!

Traveling alone also makes you more responsible and mature. It’s not that you got to be organized and picky to the smallest details, but you got to be careful. You and you alone have to take care of the budget, keep things safe, do all the paperwork and organize everything a bit head of time, set up plans, etc.

Also, the maturity side of the deal comes in when you got to cook for yourself, wash the clothes, sew and do all those things that you would never do at home. I always had my mom, my grandma or a girlfriend to give me a hand with all these – This time it was me and only me. Of course, on the way I would meet lots of people who would teach me, who would cook for me and more, but many times I wouldn’t. I love it that I can do all these things now. But it was tough sometimes!

And what about traveling with a friend?

There are two big things that make traveling with friends more attractive than alone. First, it can be much safer. And second, it can be much more fun when it comes to parties and festivals. In return for these, you have to be willing to lose depth in your quest for maturity, for responsibility and the actual odyssey itself.

I don’t like to give up all these, but if I’m going to do the Silk Road or go to the Oktoberfest, I rather do it with at least one friend. In remote places, far away from civilization, what can I do if I feel terribly sick? What can I do if I get robbed? It’s not the same as in Europe or in the Americas, which are much more prepared for tourism. Places as Uzbekistan and Tajikistan must be beautiful, but I’m sure it would be no fun to have big problems in there and be just by myself. And as for big parties and festivals, despite you can always meet new people and have a great time, it’s great when you go with your very best friends and have the time of your life all together sharing the moment.

The big tricky part here is choosing with who you would like to travel with. Pick up the wrong person and the whole trip could be ruined. Make sure that it’s someone you can spend a long time with and who has similar fashions and customs as you do. Most of the times this is not your best friend but someone else – Perhaps someone you have never expected. Unfortunately for me, for instance, none of my best friends in Buenos Aires fits on this criterion. I love them as if they were my real brothers, but I would never go traveling with them for more than a couple of days. But, in return, there are a few guys and girls who I know I can spend a long and fantastic time with. Make sure to choose wisely!

Traveling Single

Traveling Solo Does Not Mean Traveling Single

The idea of traveling solo to foreign countries, let alone other states, can be an intimidating one. The unpredictability; no immediate person to turn to; and the unfamiliarity, when combined, can turn adventure into nightmare. But there is no need to cross it off of your list just yet. Venturing to new lands on your own can be life changing, so to keep the idea alive, a little bit of research and unearthing of the practice just might be the level of encouragement you need to go ahead and book that flight.

Popular misconception states that traveling solo is for singles. And holding true to the definition, going off on your own and being single have no relation. Married couples of clashing tastes do it, and it is the perfect means to escape from the confines of routine. So remember, you don’t have to go single to go solo.

The best advice to those curious to test the solo waters is to take baby steps. If visiting outside of the country is a must, traveling somewhere within your continent could satisfy your appetite. A popular destination that is not too radically different but offers that desired level of disconnect is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

A simple way to adjust to the motions is by making use of hotel or hostel staff. Most of them are local and typically not bridled by a specific agenda. All-inclusive services allow you to focus your time and energy toward experiencing your new freedom, relieving you of some of the burdens that accompany extensive planning.

Torn between traveling solo or with a companion? Teaming up with other people you meet along the way could be the solution. It gives you the companionship of other people experiencing the same country, without the commitment.

Leaving the language native to the country you are visiting-or at least being able to casually converse-makes the transition a hundred times subtler. Knowing the proper terminology and how to say the names of concrete items will prevent confusion and save you the heartbreak when the waiter serves something completely unexpected.

Traveling alone is a lot like jumping into a cold pool. The upsurge of confusion is a little off-putting at first, but with time, it becomes nonexistent and allows for a unique experience.

Traveling Alone

Checklist For Women Traveling Alone

Business travelers who visit a particular country frequently should be able to get a feel of the culture and may even pick up a few local phrases. But visiting unfamiliar territory can be daunting, especially for women traveling alone. Safety is a major concern, but if you follow this checklist, you may find solo travel a worthwhile experience.

First, schedule a flight that will land you during the day. Airport buses and trains in some cities don’t ply routes 24 hours, and if you arrive late at night, you might end up walking through dark areas trying to hail a cab.

Once you arrive at your destination, avoid attracting unwanted attention by dressing appropriately. When traveling to places like Delhi and Dubai, it is best to research proper clothing for foreign women traveling alone before you go. Other important things you need to know about a new culture is the interpretation of innocuous gestures such as eye contact, handshakes, smiling, and small talk which can be construed as come-on.

Plan your itinerary and study your route before leaving the hotel for non business activities so you don’t end up walking aimlessly. Women traveling alone who seem lost or confused make for easy targets. If you are indeed lost, avoid asking strangers for directions.

If the desire for human contact is strong, seek out other women, couples or families when you are in unfamiliar public places. Avoid being approached during idle activity by reading a book or writing postcards. If someone is trying to harass you, feign ignorance, walk away or make a scene.

It can be helpful for women traveling alone to establish a few contacts in the city they are visiting before they board a plane. And websites such as Hotel Mingle provide a platform for connecting with other business travelers who are staying at the same city during your business trip.

Travel RVing for Singles

Travel RVing for Singles

Travel RVing as a single person can sometimes be challenging. No doubt about that. However, just because you are single does not necessarily mean you are alone. There are thousands of fun, friendly, like-minded single RVers out there just waiting for you to join them as they explore the country while living their daily lives. Whether you are widowed, divorced, or single by choice, RV travel is a unique and exciting way for you to open yourself up to new opportunities. Talk with new people, listen to them, share with them, and learn from them. If you are single and thinking about setting out alone in an RV, have no fear. Just do it. There is a world of support out there waiting for you. The RV lifestyle of the single man or woman has a spirit all its own and beckons to you with promises of fulfillment and adventure.

There are several RV clubs and organizations that cater to the single RV enthusiast. Though their styles of membership may differ, they have the same goals in mind: to provide practical and emotional support to the single RVer. Loners on Wheels is one of the better known RV clubs for singles. They have been around for a long time, have about 2000 members, hold rallies all over the country, and provide companionship and support to it members. You can visit them online at Another good organization is the Loners of America. This club is for single RVers who travel as singles. They emphasize support and companionship while maintaining individual privacy. They can be found of Neither of the aforementioned clubs is a matchmaking or dating service and do not wish to be viewed as such.

There is also a group called the RV Singles Travel Group. They are a very active group who hold “meets” where single RVers get together to meet “someone special” while sharing the whole RV experience.

For younger, active RV owners who travel alone (for whatever reason) there is the Wandering Individuals Network (WIN). Most, but not all members are single. WIN provides gatherings where members can meet and share their knowledge and experiences. The Wandering Individuals Network can be reached at rv

And there is, of course, RVing Women. This is a diverse group of women across the United States and Canada who love to travel. RVing Women has been around since 1991 and provides support for thousands of women who RV Travel without male companions. They offer classes on RV maintenance, driving, and a myriad of RV related subjects.

Travelling Alone

The Joys (and Sorrows) of Travelling Alone

There is no one “right” way to travel, especially when it comes to the number of partners you choose to travel with as you explore the world. Yes, if you travel with others, you should only travel with those whose presence you enjoy. And yes, I’d argue you’ll have a lot more fun by travelling with some close and adventurous friends rather than travelling through a foreign destination with a group of tourists who barely want to leave the hotel. But, assuming you make a few wise choices regarding the company you keep, there are unique benefits hidden within travelling with one person, with three people, or with a dozen people.

Not that you actually need to travel with anyone else. In fact, the intensity of travelling alone often outclasses anything you’ll experience travelling with others- intense in its highs and its lows. Intense in its connections and its loneliness. Intense in its opportunities for building confidence, and intense in its opportunities for dealing with doubt and fear. And it’s this intensity of often-conflicting experience that makes travelling alone for an extended period of time an absolute necessity for each and every one of us.

Travel is About Growth

A quick aside.

Some people may be put off by the ideal of intensity I’ve used to drum up travelling alone. I understand this. An intense experience can be uncomfortable to think about. But in reality, an intense experience is often more uncomfortable to think about than it is to actually live through. But our discomfort surrounding intensity lies at the heart of every growth opportunity we ever encounter. We grow the most when we feel most alive and when we push through vague anxieties to expand our sphere of comfortable action.

In other words you shouldn’t avoid the intense experiences and the discomfort they temporarily produce- you should run towards them. Sometimes travelling is about just enjoying yourself, but at its heart travelling the world is about running towards intensity, embracing discomfort, and expanding the world you inhabit.

So yes, the thought of travelling alone can sometimes feel scary. That’s sort of the point. Don’t use this fear as an excuse to live in a smaller world than you need to.


When you travel alone your experiences will swing wildly back and forth between being deeply social and deeply lonesome. Often the tone of your experiences changes overnight. One night you meet some new friends you spend hours and hours with as you talk, as you explore, as you bare your souls- as you get drunk together and dance together and as you wander foreign streets late at night together, invincible in the moment. The next day they leave and so does the last person you know in your current location and you’re alone again. In that moment you can be active and reach out and meet others, but you’ll feel shocked how often, in that moment, you’d rather spend your time totally alone.

Through expat bars and hostels and alternative tours, travelling provides you with a never-ending opportunity to meet new people. When you travel by yourself you’ll only ever be as alone as you want to be. You’ll be able to meet others without preconceptions, without strings attached, without checking in to see if everything’s cool with your friends and without worry what others will think about the relationships you build and leave behind. When it comes down to it travelling by yourself provides you with social freedom you could never experience back home or travelling with others.

And that includes the freedom to truly be by yourself. The relief of occasionally spending a day on your own when you’re back home does not, and cannot, compare with the depth of the solitude you will experience when you are alone for hours, days, or weeks at a time in cities, countries and cultures far from your everyday experience. These silent, lonely moments will make you feel so many things, they will give you the time to process and to question and to answer, it’s in those moments of total separation from everything and everyone related to home that you can gain the most perspective on your life and make the hard decisions about who you are, what you want, and how you’re going to get there- decisions you just can’t make when you’re grasping on to even the slightest thread of connection to the life you used to know.


I hope I don’t sound like I’m bearing down negatively on others. So many of your opportunities for some semblance of enlightenment will come to you in the company of others. We are intensely, and intrinsically, social creatures. As E.E. Cummings said, “We are for each other,” and every nugget of insight you learn as you travel by yourself exists for the sole purpose of helping you better serve the world and the others who live in it. I’m merely suggesting there are benefits and insights out there in the wild you can only gain when you disconnect completely in the way you only can when you

Reasons to Travel Alone

Reasons to Travel Alone

For sure some people would really find it inconvenient to deal with things alone but this is a fact of life that everyone will surely experience in their lifetime.

One of the things that may scare people is travelling alone. Going to a strange place can really take the courage away from most persons and for sure it will bring a new dose of experience that will possibly bring out the best in an individual.

• Travelling alone in a different territory enhances a person’s interaction with other people. One will not have someone to depend on and will surely bring out their communication skills effectively.

• Travelling alone allows a person to make use of her management skills. There would be no one to makeup for all your shortcomings so one would take time to budget time and money effectively.

• Travelling alone will bring better opportunities to meet people. Going on a trip in groups will surely limit one to enjoy things with the usual companions and this will not be the case when one will not have the chance to enjoy the best times with old friends alone.

Going to a strange place shouldn’t really bring disadvantages especially if one has already chosen the corporate apartment in Jacksonville, Florida. Living comfortably can surely be made easy with a furnished corporate housing that’s why people who travel alone grew fond of furnished corporate apartments and with the advantages that travelling alone provides, there’s no reason to hold back with such idea.